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Jil Sander

fashion designer

My mentor, who I met 1982 and since then worked with her in different ways of creating make-ups for her collection presentations and her make-up line.
I am very grateful because of her believing in me and in my creativity...
Thank you Jil!

Yoko Ono

performence artist

"My unforgetable week with Yoko Ono"
Thank you Yoko!

Iris Berben


Such an inspiring personality and beauty!...
Always a great pleasure and honor to get together...
Thank you Iris!

Beate Hansen


08th of April 1982, one of the most special meetings in my life!
Since then, the one, who I adore as an exeptional artist and a true friend...
Thank you Beate!

Sylvia Gobbel

actress, model, muse of Helmut Newton and other artists

It is so rare to create and keep friendships, if you don't see and talk to each other for many years. I feel happy and proud of our true friendship!
Thank you Sylvia!

Eveline Hall

dancer, actress, musician, model

Beauty has no age! The beauty is in a human being and expresses itself in all living conditions. It isn't youth but in the personality and attitude! Time passes, the reflection changes but the "real beauty" remains, because the person is beautiful. Here is the proof!...
Thank you Eveline!

... here the result of my wonderful meeting with very inspiring Eveline Hall